Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Had too get out of the bay and all the traffic today...
Fished the ocean and was glad we did. Waited for the outgoing to push us along, when it came, the bite turned on. Plenty of 17 to 17 3/4 inch fish for the action along with some very nice keepers going in the box.

No huge fish today but the pool winner went 5 pounds. Many guys had 3 keepers, Including June, Shrimpman, Doug, Ralph, Bill and John.
High hook's for the day boxed 4,including Mortgage man Eric. Action was non-stop till the current hit 2.5 knots, then that was it, time to come home anyway.

Very nice spread of fish, I'm just a little nervous too see this much life where we found it today. Hope they don't have thier dancing shoes on just yet!!

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