Monday, October 14, 2019

Fishing has been tough too say the least the past couple of days....
All the chest bum-bing and high five's of the past couple weeks has gone to sullen faces and shock that this could happen!
What happened to all the fish we have been reading about?...A common question.
The hard Southerly every night for the past week has produced a roll which can be felt all the way into the back bay. Always a game stopper for us, is the answer. Would you like to eat your dinner while having sand and mud shoved in your face? Fish are no different.

Caught plenty of shorts with just a handful of keepers each day. All this after covering every area you could imagine, Channels (all of them) The beach, the Reach, Chapel hill, The Bay, here there and everywhere else. 

Will it get better? I sure as hell hope so, Buy Right is making a killing on me!!:D :D

Chartered Wednesday and Friday this week......Capt.ron

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