Thursday, November 14, 2019
After the past couple days in the bay it was time for a change. Ran back out to the Ocean, despite the swell and strong current we finally found a nice line of fish. Needed the heavy weights fishing with bait and the buck tailing didn't work well today.

First drift we put 8 keepers up to 5 pounds in the boat. (3 more than we produced the whole day yesterday)!!
Got a couple drifts out of it until the current ran too hard. Fished way South for a pick on keepers and shorts.

Andy Seney, had the hot hand with 5 bites that ended up to be ALL KEEPERS!! Never had a 100% day like that, no shorts, no skates or sea Robbins, just quality Fluke in his cooler! George Albin came on late in the day putting 4 in the box..Joe and Al did show up with a couple keepers with Joe loosing a huge head banger!
Mike had the pool fish at 5 pounds until Big Eddie finally landed a keeper fish at 6 1/4 pounds to take the money.
Not a lot of action on the shorts, but I'll take quality over quantity any day.

One of the guys came with his boys and said when he read yesterdays "Crap" Fishing report, he got a chuckle and Knew everyday is different, he was right.

Chartered Wednesday and Friday this week.....Capt. Ron

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