Wednesday, October 23, 2019
Naturally, another weekend with a great group of customers all anticipating that wonderful Fluke fishing they have been reading about for the past month!!

Stopped the boat on the first drift, still had some outgoing, so we didn't move with the south wind.....waited and waited for good conditions while the ships passed and rolled our crueler off for over an hour.
Finally got the incoming but guess what...the wind came on also!! Drift made 2 knots in no-time then it was Plan B, then Plan C and so on....get my drift!

High hook and pool winner was a first timer with borrowed equipment and not a clue about Fluke fishing!! 4 nice keepers and a 4 pounder to take the money.

A five gallon bucket of racks with a boat load of customers is nothing to be proud of, but hey, we did all we could possibly do with the conditions we were dealt. Lack of fish in the bay to finish out the day is certainly not a good sign....Will give it hell tomorrow (if the Monday boys show up)!!!!
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