Monday, January 27, 2020

Sorry for the late post but it took 4 days to get power back. I was like an animal in a cage the whole time!!

The boat is fine, the crew is fine and we are back in business. Only problem is, the Fish don't know it!!! Water is very dirty and with all that fresh water, the bite has been non-excistant the past two days.

Fished everywhere imaginable, channels, rocks, deep water, shallow water, incoming and outgoing tides and so on, to no avail. Will it get better? I'm sure it will once the salinity of the water gets back to normal. We fish until Sept. 25th this season so you still have time to get your last licks in.

If your reading this from an NJFISHING foward or link please save THIS link to your favorites for daily fishing reports. Seems my business is not appreciated nor respected over there anymore.....enough said.

As always, working hard everyday no matter how tuff the battle. We will ALWAYS post exactly what is happing, Good or Bad as all my customers know. Please check out the pics, there are some real beauties this season!!!

Capt. Ron

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