Monday, October 14, 2019

For the second day in a row, the jig bite of the past 3 weeks, showed no sign of ever happening so we went right to the clamming.
Had a few fish at Romar, Down the beach, Out East, basically everywhere we went, just not enough action. Drifted then Anchored on some decent readings and once again, had a one, one pick.
Nice fish on the ones we did catch. High hook (Tom) had 4 followed by 3 and a couple guys with 2 including Capt.Ron Sr. But still, many customers with none.
Had the first couple of dogfish move into the area also, (is it that time already)!!
I would imagine the weekend to be total kayos with a great weather report and not too many places to hide. Scott, the olives are the best I have ever had!!! If you went into production, you'd be rich!! Nice video of todays action...Capt. Ron   

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