Sunday, November 17, 2019
Please don't panic folks...the lack of reports over the past week should give a pretty good indication as too what's been going on.

I normally report everyday, good or bad, but to hit you with 6 days of crap fishing reports would only add to my already tremendous pressure, and not give much hope to anyone.
Capt. Ron Sr. always said, "You gotta Give them Hope, it will get us through."

How could I word it and tell the truth and keep hope alive: Today was the Shits, Today was the Worst, Today su***, Today, today and so get the point.
Here's the Hope part:
Will it get better? Yes... Just gotta hang in there and have some patience, water temp has to come down,everything we see each season is in place, the bait is here and plenty of it. The main body of bigger fish that come through are still way out East.
I guess after loosing just about all of September, when we had the chance to finally make some money on the Fluke fishing, to only be tied to the dock has taken it's toll on me. I tell everyone "Patience" but right now, mine are wearing thin!!!
As far as todays fishing...Big Bob was the man with 2 nice keepers. A few fish after looking at several area's, but in no way good fishing...................Patience!!
Not sailing Wednesday with the wind forcast, you can bet your A$$ though, if the fish were biting we'd be fishing in the snot!!..
"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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