Sunday, November 17, 2019

Had a couple hours of the outgoing today, strong enough to keep us into the tide even with an easterly wind. Had a pick going and thought, if it kept up, by the end of the day we would be golden!! No such luck. Bite died way before the change and never took hold after.
Tried several area's to no avail!
Read lot's of bait, fish on the bottom, just not many takers after the first blast of fish. No jig fish for 3 days now. That was great while it lasted but now we are back to reality!
Young fisherman, Josiah showed the regs how to do it today landing 2 nice keepers. Tom Krakow also had the hot hand while the bite was on landing 3 beauties.
Just talked to Capt.Frank as a customer hooked up while on the phone. Couple fish in the boat, nothing exciting.
Shrimp man is taking a nap, waiting for the suicide bite!!!

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