Saturday, October 19, 2019

Morning started out with a weather report of NE 15-20 knots, didn't think we would make it out as it was raining at 4am when I woke up....Needless to say the Monday faithfull were coming regardless (god I love those guys!!)

Found plenty of bird life and fish close to home, but, once again it was just a pick on shorts and an odd keeper. Several area's of life all with the same results!! Bass feeding on Rainfish.

Took a ride hoping to find some bigger fish and a better bite, glad we did. Some of the biggest fish we've had in 2 weeks along with huge blue fish, all feeding on Sand eels!!!

Jigs with tails were the hot ticket as they produced a couple limits while the bite was on.

Todays pool winner landed two beauties, the biggest going 18 pounds!

No greater feeling than producing fish, especially after the past few days...and we NEVER did get the 15-20 NE!!!  Weather was excellant for this Nov.21st day!!!!

Will sail as long as we can catch fish!!


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