Monday, October 21, 2019
Just enough customers in the Harbor for one boat to make it out today, glad it was us as we finally have the true fall fishing going on!!

Took a ride to find Acres of Gannets diving on bait, fish boiling on top. Took a bit too get everyone acclimated but when they caught on, the bite was on! Many limits with some guys tossing back 5 and 6 keepers!
A handfull of blues in the mix also. Fish went from Shorts, 20 inches to a couple shots of fish 31 inches!
Big Al and Bryan lead the way with 8 and 6 (would be keepers) plus several shorts. Heavier jigs were the ticket as the wind was honking and the Sea was Angry my friend!! Video and pics for the rest of the story.
Sailing everyday as long as we can!!!

Please check back if the video hasn't loaded yet.....takes a while!
Capt. Ron

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