Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Not a whole lot to report on the past few days fishing. The weekend was Tough to say the least with just a couple shots of small fish on jigs. Covered half the ocean trying to find the bite, but not much luck.

Made it out on Monday with a bunch of the regs, thick fog all day had us chasing the birds with the radar. Had a couple shots at the smaller fish, but it was very tough on Myself, the crew and the customers with such lousy conditions. Never did clear up, but we still gave it hell!

Shaped up today and only 4 customers showed. Had a few calls last night but only one of them showed. With the weather report yesterday, I thought today would be a bummer and it was....Sorry guys, can't sail with 4 peeps so they went on a bottom boat. At least they did get out fishing.

PS: I do return my phone calls, however I had to go to a wake for an old friend yesterday. My message says sailing daily, and we DID Shape up today.

Not sailing Weds and Thursday. Looks like Friday will be the next trip. Will fish as long as we have something to catch and the weather stays O.K.


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