Wednesday, October 23, 2019

12 days in a row and the bite hasn't let up, has to be a record in my book. Hoping for a Bakers dozen tomorrow!

Every night I go to bed and wonder, are we going to do what we did yesterday, is the bite going to be over, will the fat lady sing? So far she's singing a happy tune as today was another banner day!

 Action right from the start, Keepers, Shorts, Big fish, Blues, it doesn't get any better than this.....When it does finally end I'm sure it will be a feeling of the end of the perfect dream. I couldn't have had a better run in all my 34 years of being a Captain. Lots of happy customers, great pics and video that tell the story of one of the best Decembers I have ever had! Happy that so many didn't THROW in the TOWEL and hung in there with us!

Robbie and Chris are two of the most passionate guys I could have with me sharing the ride, they have been busting thier butts everyday and loving it! Excellant job Men, Santa is coming!!!

The pics and video will tell the rest of another Great day aboard the Fishermen. We will sail till the last bass bites, hope to see you before it's over. Enjoy todays Video, non-stop action right till the end.  Capt.Ron


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