Monday, October 21, 2019

Sorry guys but what we got today was a "BUTT KICKING". Not sure but I think my ass is purple!

Started the morning close to home on some great bird life in-between the channels. Had a couple shots at the shorts and a nice keeper. Fish were chasing Herring and a little tough to catch.  No one tried a croc!

Headed down the beach, to look for some better action.
As the Sun got higher, the wind blew harder. Knew when we stopped and put her on the drift it was gonna get ugly....and it did. NW a steady 30.
 Found the life and just picked at the fish most of the day, inshore, offshore didn't matter as it was just as nasty everywhere.

NO lack of readings, plenty of fish but even with the 67's and the best of the fishermen, it was tough.
Wind is supposed to crap out overnight and go light South. Won't get rainy or nasty till we are already home. Looks like a much better fishing day.
Wednesday looks like it's gonna be out, the rest of the week should be O.K. and Saturday will be our Swan song!
Thanks, see you in the AM.

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