Monday, October 21, 2019

Hard to beleave another season has come and gone! As life flashes before my eyes, I have many fond memories of 2011...... I had the pleasure of seeing the return of Mr. Paul Smitko who, after facing death, 12 major surgeries (give or take), countless hours of therapy and god knows what else, Finally come back to fishing and catch Striped Bass, caught him on video just last week and the smile was priceless!! It said it all....

Mike with his great Season Pool winning Fluke, Vintastic with that awesome winning Bass in the Spring and Jack with his 25 pounder taking the Fall pool.

That young man catching his 42 pound plus Striper all by himself caught on video. Youngster Kevin Dalton with a Fluke so big he had to stand on a cooler to take the picture of it and all you can see of kevin is his head!! Kelly Bavaqua who after one lesson on how to cast a spinning rod, was launching the jig back to the dock and catching stripers!!


The Monday regs paying their dues all season long and always being rewarded sooner or later....perseverance boys, always pays off.

Chief Kelly, Never quit Eddie, Polish Eddie, Dr. Sal, June, Richie, Tommy, Skinder, Steve and Steve, Shrimpman, Eric, Rocco, John Frolic, The countless others (you know who you are) who all share that same passion, I can't thank you enough and I'm glad we can enjoy this great ride together. Every one of you make me who I am!

A Very Happy and Healthy New Year to All...till our paths meet again. All the best from Myself, Capt. Ron Sr., Robbie, Chris and Capt. Bob

Enjoy the last video and report of 2011, it's short, sweet and to the point!


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