Thursday, October 17, 2019

Too say I was blessed to fish with my Dad once again is an understatement. After triple bypass years ago and a valve replacement just 3 months ago, to experience what I did the past couple weeks has been priceless.

We chartered the Double Down with Capt. Brice Barr in Key West for 2 days of some of the best bottom fishing I have ever experienced. We fished 200 ft. of water targeting Mutton Snapper (as just about everything else in Florida has to go back). Live baits and Fresh cut albacore (red, oily meat) were the ticket.

Never fished with 15-20ft leaders, but we were willing to learn. Captains instructions were, when you feel the bite, start to reel cause the fish already has the bait down, in 200 ft. of water and a long leader there is no need to set the hook. It was like fishing with circle hooks for Bass. After one or two misses it was GAME ON as Dad and I landed over 30 keeper muttons on two trips!! My largest fish made 18.5 pounds!
I must say Capt. Brice's passion for what he does made me feel like I was looking in a mirror. He asked if it was O.K. to fish with us, told him this is what it's all about and to enjoy every moment!:)

Made our way back up to Stuart and Ft. Pierce to fish the Lady Stuart with Capt. Dave. Mostly reef and wreck bottom fishing with smaller fish in the mix. When you think we have it tough in NJ, you should walk in this guys shoes for a day.

Grouper, Sea Bass, Snapper,Snook and countless other fish have to go back (out of season). Watched a beautiful 16 pound grouper go back and countless keeper size Sea bass float bye the boat.
Beat Dad out on the last fish of the day for the pool with a large trigger fish. He in turn took me the next trip with his 4 pound porgie! Had to toss back a 31 inch Cobia as the size limit is 33 inches. ( Felt like I was home again)!!
Just goes to show, we are all in the same boat when it comes to the regs and trying to make a living.

Now it's back to getting the boat ready for the 2012 season. Hope to see you all soon.

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