Monday, October 14, 2019
To say I am happy with the start of the season today is an understatement...
Had a very nice morning bite in some hard current up until around 10:30 when we lost the tide. Had shots of 2-3 fish on, then, two, like that.
Bite started to turn back on late with some bigger fish in the mix.

June Benson lead the way with 3 keepers and an 18 pound pool fish, which is the first place fish to start the season on the big pool.

Ralph and Jeff Jr. had 3 keepers with a tag. Couple guys had 2, some had 1 and a couple guys had none unfortunatly. All fish were caught on bait. With the amount of bait and bird life around, wouldn't be surprised to see some fish on jigs real soon.
Sorry guys, but the video is very cloudy..the settings got screwed up when I dropped the camera in all the excitement!!!
Fishing everyday 7:30am till 2:30pm.

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