Monday, October 21, 2019
Morning was absolutely horrible trying to fish the bait. The harder the current ran into the wind, the worse the conditions. Never had a bite on bait for the first 40 minutes so we left the area in search mode.

Looked inshore, offshore never reading a thing. Finally found a little shot of life to anchor on, crappy conditions and not a bite again. Just happened to see a couple birds that looked like they were picking on some bait so we went to check it out.
Put the jigs on, stopped the boat and had one hell of a shot of Big fish!! Got 3 drifts on them before they moved to the DANGER ZONE!! Largest topped the scale at 34 pounds!! High hook had 5 with a couple limits mixed in.
Got to take a couple casts myself hooking up the kids for their first Striper fight.
Nothing more frustrating than watching 2 miles of birds hitting the water and you can't go there!! Even had the CG come make sure we were not breaking any rules.....good job guys, glad to see my tax dollars working for the greater good.
Back at it tomorrow. Capt.Ron

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