Monday, October 14, 2019
Morning bite only produced a couple keepers and some shorts on bait. Some of the smallest fish this season so far, so we went in search mode looking for some better life.
Located two area's with unreal bird, fish and bait life, unfortunately we couldn't go there, 1/2 mile over the line!!!!
With the C.G. fish police doing there diligent patrol to keep poachers in check while, God knows what comes into this country aboard all those ships, we had to do what we had to do. (sorry for that little rant)!

Worked the readings catching one, two a drift, slow pick. Best drift of the day landed 3 more than what we caught for sure as the bite turned off by mid-day.
Still managed several limits on some Beautiful keeper Stripers. Spoiled from the hot fishing that last's a couple of days then seems to die out till the next group gets ready to eat.
Will give it hell tomorrow......


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