Monday, October 21, 2019

Worked our butts off today to produce the catch we had......Fished the bait readings with stop and move, as the bass were traveling fast. Same situation as yesterday, stop, catch a couple and move on. Tried anchoring a couple times and clamming but that didn't work as the bass were chasing Bunker and never really settled up.

Caught the fish on clams and jigs drifting at the end of the tide and into the change. Crocs and plain jigs with a SLOW retrieve worked the best. Steve fishing in the bow had 3 nice keepers, couple guys had two, some with one and a bunch with none.

Gail Bernard who worked our boat many moons ago came out today and caught her first Striper, a beautifull 15 pound fish!!  Got her on the video and she didn't know it!!

Fishing everyday 7:30am till 2:30pm.

Will start Saturday and Sunday Afternoon fishing 3:30pm till 9:00pm next weekend with Capt. Bob at the helm.

Great Catches

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