Monday, October 21, 2019
Another light day on the customers as the weather report was for Crap once again.
Had a nice steady pick on the bass fishing with bait today.
Came back on the anchor and had 4 on before I shut the engines down...went to a pick after the initial shot. Some shorts to start out then most fish were 29 to 31 inches for the keepers.
Bite lasted till the end of the tide, by then we had put a good catch together.
Bill Stuppe landed 4 and a short for high hook honors.
Danny and Bryan and a couple others also had thier limits.

Good thing we had an incoming tide through the morning or it would have been ugly with the East wind!!

Chartered Friday and Saturday AM this week.
Afternoon fishing Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm till 9:00pm.

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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