Sunday, November 17, 2019
Tough couple days to say the least.....
Is it the Moon in 2 days? Are the fish spawning? Did the early arrival mean an early departure? DON'T PANICK!

Yes, probably, to the first two questions but I seriously doubt an early departure, there's too much bait to keep the fish here when they finish the spawn.
Amazing how everyone flips when there's a few tough day's. If these babies bit hard all the time you'd think it was easy and the challenge would be lost.
Shit days keep us all honest and make us work harder while waiting for the reward.

May into June are excellent month's to fish once things straighten out.
For now, enjoy some great Bluefish action and a Bass here and there. If you think the Bluefish aren't a worthy opponent and you can TOUGH out a dozen without sucking wind, more power to you. Go with what Nature offers us and enjoy, it's much more fun and that my friends is why we are FISHERMEN!!!

Afternoon fishing Saturday and Sunday 3:30pm till 9:00pm Striper fishing with Capt. Bob.
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