Monday, October 21, 2019
Staying positive that the bite is gonna happen (in our time frame), although it's not easy busting ass everyday without the reward!! Amazing amount of Bunker in the Bay, Ocean, no matter were we go.

Too be in the right place at the right time when the fish decide to turn on is the problem.
Tried fishing the bay in the bait life only to find NO CURRENT and just some bluefish and a Bass once again!

Ran out to the ocean and found a huge swell, miles of bait and again, no bite.
2 aleves, 2 Scotches and the pain is starting to go away...

Now I get the call from Capt. Bob and he already has a half dozen keepers in the boat on the afternoon trip....Guess where? Right where we fished today!!
And, in busting my chops has the chutzpa to ask me what's the problem with catching these fish?
Wait till he finds out, he get's the day run!

Will give it hell again tomorrow!!

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