Monday, October 21, 2019

I knew leaving the dock Plan A wouldn't last long. Just caught the change of tide (Ebb) and the wind came NW. You could imagine what happend by the 3rd drift!
Too bad cause we had 9 very nice keepers on the first float. 10's were starting to scream out the side and the tangles became wild.

Went to plan B..shallower water with a very nice first drift banging away at the shorts and keepers. Once again, drift got to 2.7 knots.

Plan C: Ran off to deeper water and hopefully less current....had to run further for the last plan of the day D: Back into 50 ft, drift at 1.3 and continued to pick away all day of the Shorts, Keepers and Sea Bass.

Pool fish over 7 pounds caught by Dave. Couple 5's, 4's and a six and a half in the mix. Few guys with 4 nice keepers and Sea Bass in the coolers. Not many Bucktailers today, the ones who did caught just as good as the bait. Hopefully the first plan tomorrow will pay off, if not..........I always have a backup!

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