Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Tried the channels first in the AM, wind against the tide and the thought of maybe some good short action made my mind up to leave the area!
Took a ride to try and find some bigger fish, glad we did.

Although conditions were the worst yet this season with no drift, we power drifted all day around the snags and pieces of bottom. Not super hot fishing but quality fish! Eric "Mortgage Man" started out on fire with 4 in the box right away, then went to sleep for awhile! The limit came later in the day.

Frank Patulo had a nice 3 pound Fluke and a beautifull 4 1/2 pound Sea Bass, check out the colors on this fish.
Rob also had a very nice 5 1/2 pound Fluke.

Pool fish went 6 3/4 and the mans second fish went 6 1/2. Fred also landed a very nice 6 1/4. Hopefully tomorrow conditions will be better, if not, plan B just makes us work harder!

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