Thursday, October 17, 2019
Amazing how today's weather was almost a duplicate of 11 years ago! Crystal clear and a slight breeze out of the North West, certainly made me reflect back to that day that changed many peoples lives.........

Naturally we had just enough current into the breeze to give us practically no drift all day! Bounced around several drops picking a few fish here and there. Tried a couple new area's but it was the same, no drift. Power drifted in some drops just to get some movement but it really didn't help the bite.

Finally got a tide rip come through and some current at the end of the day, started to move nice but don't you know the current was still screaming to the North! Couldn't win for loosing. 10-12 pounces of weight were walking away from the boat..
Still managed some nice fish though. Frank Patullo, Dunellen N.J. landed the pool fish first thing in the AM at 6 pounds. Couple other fish went 3 to 5 3/4 pounds with a bunch of shorts mixed in. Great weather next couple of day's so we will give it hell again tomorrow.


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