Monday, October 14, 2019
As another season clicks bye and we fish everyday. It amazes me how we have let the powers that be put us in this situation....

Just the other day I made a drift out East, just off Rockaway beach fishing for Stripers, we had to have 7 Fluke that went 16 to 16 1/2 inches ON CLAMS on the first drift!! (imagine if we had been fishing for them with the proper bait).

Yet, over there, they have to be 21 inches to keep. Not one boat within 10 miles of the place fishing!! The point is, there were plenty of fish with no-one to take them because we can't!! Abundance as opposed to BS!

Today we had beautifull Porgies, I would have loved to keep a half dozen for dinner, but NO! There not in season...BS! Two days ago we had Black fish, tossed them back, right where they would swim into the pots that have been in the water for a month!! As of yesterday, they are worth $9 a pound, that's O.K. and I can't keep one...BS!
I read reports of 200 to 300 short Fluke going back, fish that are mostly between 16 and 17 3/4 inches, perfect and plenty, enough to keep a business going, can't keep them while 14 inchers are being sold everyday......BS!!!!

Everyones happy now, the season is here, but if you look at the boats and what they are carrying, the private boats that are NOT out, it again is... BS.
No logical or scientific reason for any of the crap being shoved down our throats, yet we sit back and take it.
And please don't get rightous on me and tell me it's the law and the law is always right cause that crap ain't gonna float on this web sight!

The politicians are investing in this "CATCH SHARE CRAP" where they see an opportunity to make a buck (and they will) while we all are forced off the water. Read into it now before it is too late and Please, use the voice you were born with to lash out!!!
Todays fishing: A tough pick on a handfull of keepers and some shorts. Several drops and no such thing as a Hot bite. Had fish busting on top in the bait late in the day and only managed to catch a few as they were moving fast!
Capt.Ron PS: Feel free to vent, I certainly feel slightly better!!
"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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