Monday, October 21, 2019

First let me say, I hope all that are reading this came out of this terrible hurricane with little damage. Many people lost everything including whole towns! Sea Bright, Seaside, Highlands, all the shore area has been devastated.

For us, it turns out the Coast Guard not showing up last Thursday to release us from the Shipyard was some kind of Omen!

The boat made it through the storm riding high in the travelift. Unfortunately, our Harbor is destroyed once again. I'm sure the season is over for us and can only pray we get fixed up by the spring.

2012 has to be the worst year I will ever remember.....but we here in Jersey are tough and will persevere no matter what is tossed at us!!!

Thanks to all who have left messages and thoughts for a better tomorrow. I will update as much as I can hoping things start to get better. Best of luck to everyone, stay safe.



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