Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Had all the positive signs on the way out this morning, Plenty of bait, water temp was up another 2 degrees to 53 and some nice readings to anchor on. Got set up and had 4 shorts right away, lost the current and had to wait for the incoming. The tide change didn't help us today as everything we read didn't want to chew!! Tried several area's before we took a ride to the ocean.

Got set up on some nice readings once again, caught a couple keepers and a handful of shorts that was it. I think the lack of current hurt us today as all the chum just went straight down.  Tried one last area where I thought we'd find some new fish, but that was NG also.  Back at it tomorrow to give it hell once again!!

Night trips start this Friday 6:30pm till 11:30pm with Capt. Dan at the Helm. Weather looks o.k. for the week, water temps are slowly climbing and we are on schedule for the Spring run!!


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