Monday, October 14, 2019

Thought we found the pot of gold on the first drop today, readings from hell on the fish finder, anchored up had one on right away, felt like I had won the lottery and grabbed the video camera...BIG mistake! Fish moved off and we didn't have another bite for 30 minutes so we made a move. Found another pile of fish and started to pick away. Bunch of shorts and some keepers to start the day with Dick and Bill having the hot hand with 7 and 6 fish each.

Mortgage Man Eric landed a beauty at 16 pounds to take the pool, along  with his limit. Richie and the boy's from Staten Island worked their magic, despite not being on their own boat with a couple nice fish in the box. Bite started to come on at the end of the day after the change with several customers catching a keeper for dinner. Nice day on the water once the wind crapped out.

Capt. Dan is out tonight working hard to get it done, just spoke to him and he just put his first keeper with a couple shorts in the boat....Back at it tomorrow.

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