Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Pretty crappy day today to say the least. Hard East wind against the tide until 12:30pm made it pretty uncomfortable and cold, for all aboard.  Caught a couple fish in the first few hours on not many readings. Bite did turn on at slack and through the change.

Monday Reg Don, lead the way with 6 fish followed by a new comber to the Fishermen with 5. Couple guys had 2 keepers each.

Great to see the Monday Regulars starting to return including Anchor Joe, Chef Russ, Don and Dave.

Capt. Dan had a pick of fish last night for his second trip of the season, ending up the night with 18 keepers and a bunch of shorts. Dan is also excited to see his regs returning to fish with him so early in the season. Tuesday night isn't looking good as they still have NE 25 knots in the forecast. If you'd like to check for an update sometime tomorrow, Capt. Dan's new phone number is (908) 930-2335. The season is just getting started with new fish showing up everyday. Hope to see you soon!!

First Striper fishing video of 2013!!! Enjoy


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