Thursday, January 23, 2020

You could say the "Crap Hit the Fan today"!!

Covered several drops, had good current, plenty of bait and no bite. Waited till the end of the tide which was late, set up on the last drop, closed my eyes and said PLEASE LET US CATCH ONE!! Opened my eyes and we had one on!!! NO S***!! (Should have done that 3 hours before) fish was a baby and went back.

Tried the same thing about 10 minutes later and holy crap, it worked!!
Looked out and we had another one on, this time a keeper that was caught by Eddie (who never quits).
Doesn't matter how great it was till now, it's always tough to swallow a rough day. Still plenty of fish around, watched them blasting the bunkers on the change, but that was also short lived.

 It's early June so we will continue on till the Fat lady sings, and don't worry I'll let you know when that time comes for me!!
Now we have to work twice as hard to put a catch together, no suicide fish, no fish inhaling jigs or eating anything we toss at them. Spot fishing and being in the right place at the right time for the bite.
Chartered this Saturday's morning trip.  Capt.Ron

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