Monday, October 21, 2019

Started the morning out with the end of the tide, picked at the shorts and an odd keeper. Waited for the change, when it came we still kept catching shorts, didn't think it was going to happen so we headed to a new area.

Picked at the Bigger fish but knew with a gang of customers it wouldn't be enough. Had a report of excellent jig fish way out to the East so we blasted off.
Got to the area, had several nice fish on the first drift, second drift the fish got small again. Ran a few miles more on a great bite report, only to stroke it once we got there!!! The bite seemed to have died...go figure.

Made a couple drifts back where we had some shots of fish and managed a couple very nice fish (including the pool fish) too end the day. Couple limits, but to say it was a banner day with the gang we had would be BS!!

Back at it tomorrow with a kick ass attitude!

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