Monday, October 21, 2019
Nasty morning to start the day with the last of the outgoing and a NE wind. Rolled our crueller off until the change with a one one pick on mostly short fish. Couple keepers in the mix as they were hard to come by.

Waited a long time for some current, when it finaly came I wasn't happy with the bite so we made a move. Got set up with a hard incoming and started to pick away at nicer size fish.
Capt. Ron Sr. had his A game back after a couple tough days, landing 10 fish, keepers and shorts.

Pool fish went to Mike Valentinem from PA with a 16 pound beauty.
You gotta fish guys, cast out, keep your lines working. If you just sit and let the baits come under the boat and spin, your not going to's fishing, work and you will be rewarded, Trust me!!
Here's a note: You cannot use circle hooks if you are going to SWING on the bite!!! J hooks on a Party boat unless you are live linning. Way too many fish lost with guys who just don't understand this..

Another tip: If you see a guy catching, do what he is doing!! Rig up the way he is fishing, cast where he is casting, it's not rocket science. If it's a pride thing, loose it, you will put way more fish in the box. I can only bring you to them and try To teach, the rest is up to you.

Capt.Dan is already in tune with his new boat and our operation and he loves it!! He's working hard everynight to get it done....I'm still trying to work out the bugs so he can post his reports, the guy is old school and never worked with computers so please be patient, I'll have him posting like a Pro in no time! Sailing everynight 6:30pm till 11:30pm Monday through Saturday and 3:30pm till 9:30pm on the Magic hours trip, fishing for Striped Bass. $55 fare for the night trips.

Thanks for checking in!
Capt. Ron

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