Sunday, November 17, 2019
Got out this morning just in time to catch slack water. Told the customers it would be a while before we had some current and to be patient. Came back on the Anchor and Hammer Tom hooks up with a very nice 15 pound fish!
Thought we were in.....not!!
Made a move to the west after the change, same thing, couple fish, then nothing.
Blasted off in search mode to where we fished the beginning of the week, plenty of readings, caught a few fish but yet NO Current!!! Frustrating as hell, especially when you read them and they don't bite.

Ran back to the west, fished the hard current and had a nice shot of fish to finish out the day, just not enough to make everyone happy....My gut tells me those babies are way too the west following all those bunkers that flooded the bay the past several days.

Capt. Dan sailed with just a handful of guys last night and had very good fishing. Weather man screwed us big time on the night as everyone aboard had their limit.
Long time Capt.Dan customer, Scott, had 4 very nice fish for his efforts.
Sailing every day and every night.
Video is from Tuesdays trip.

Capt. Ron

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