Monday, October 21, 2019

Tough one for the Monday crew today....Wind was honking against the tide in the AM to make for some Serious, Crap conditions!

Caught a few nice keepers to start, then dogfish and skates took over. Ran back to where we've been fishing all week, only to have all the lines and chum run to the bow.
Fished another area were we had a one, one pick on some very nice size fish including an 18 pound pool fish. High hook had 3 nice Keepers, Doc had two and so on.

Capt. Dan had an excellent bite last night with all aboard going home happy with their limits . Change of tide bite into the incoming before it got too nasty to stand up!!

NOTE: To the S.O.B who thought it was O.K. to come on my boat, after hours and steal Jim the deckhands rod, the one with the Cammo Avit and custom rod.....had we happened to come back to check the boat and caught you....your ass would have been grass!  No room in this world for a freakin thieving, P.O.S. :mad:

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