Thursday, January 23, 2020

Tough couple trips the past few days as we have to get past Mother Nature's calling for the Stripers to spawn.

Same story it's been for years, we look like hero's for a couple weeks when the fish arrive with pictures and limit's of great fish.
Then bums when the bite turns off.

All those Babies made their way up the Hudson and back bays to do what they have been doing forever. We manage to catch a handful of keepers each day with many miles logged in the process.

Going to hang in there and wait for the bite to turn back on, a little patience hopefully will pay off.

Capt. Dan is giving it hell every night with the same results, his last excellent trip was Sunday night when the boat limited out.....Been a pick since then.
Bluefish have invaded the bay so we tend to fish with the clams instead of Bunker until further notice.

Capt. Ron

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