Monday, October 21, 2019

Spent most of the day riding around looking for the bite.
Started up North, headed to the Rocks, NG. Back up the beach, NG. Then to Romar to only produce 2 keepers.
At 1:15 and thinking about the end of the day, heard there was some life south of the bridge...thought about the 25 minute ride back south and the possibilty that we would catch squat, still decided to go, trying to bail out the day.
Made it South, didn't read a thing, stopped on some bait twice and never caught a fish. Totally discouraged we blew three to come home.
Ran 6 minutes and about a mile and found the fish all up on top!! Pulled the boat outta gear, put the clams back on and kicked some bass for a good 45 minutes!!!
Many sad faces went to smiles, including a couple youngsters who hung in there all day, and especially mine.
Funny watching rods break in half and rigs popping off on Huge Drum. While the bass went from a couple shorts to 16 pound keepers.....NEVER QUIT!!!

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