Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Nasty morning today..fog rolled in as we were leaving the dock, wind picked up out of the SE and naturally was against the tide to start out our day.

Searched around looking for a decent reading, the bait was unreal and took up most of the fish finder. Put two anchors out to keep the boat from swinging, chummed in the stern, as everything ran to the bow, Lit a candle and said a prayer!!!

Had 2 fish on within 5 minutes, pool was settled and after the past couple days this was a blessing. Continued to pick away most of the morning, some very nice fish along with a few shorts and some Blues.

Couple limits to end the day and another Striper Virgin to add to my list!! The man had 2 nice keepers 2 shorts and lost on hell of a fish at the boat when a line got tangled with his. The Bunker coming into the bay at the change of tide was unreal, starting to see some life in them there Bunkers!!! Get ready.......

A Big Thank you to Mike Valentine who has brought my old jigging stick back to life! New Cork butt and fore grips w/ inlays of purple heart and Purple Abablone shell, Fuji SIC guides and a 22 Alps reel seat!! Awesome rod once again.....Trying to post a decent pic Mike!

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