Monday, October 21, 2019

Another good AM bite on fish up to 24lbs! Lost one at the boat (hook untied) at the last minute that would have gone 30lbs. plus.!

Someone posted "Where are the Big fish"? To me 28 inches and over is a big fish! 20 plus pounds everyday are Big fish and trophies to those who catch them. Let the 50's live as there aren't that many left!!

Did some running around at the change of tide to only find Sharks! Didn't matter where we went, so glad the endangered species has taken over the ocean (can we now open the commercial fishery)? or should we wait till every last Sea bass, porgy, black fish and anything else we target, get wiped out?

Made a lasted ditch move at the end of the day to try and catch a few more and glad we did...Landed three great fish including the Pool fish at 24 pounds and made 3 more customers happy fishermen for the effort.

Quality fish too say the least today.
Capt. Ron

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