Thursday, October 17, 2019

Good outgoing tide didn't help today...Stopped on bird life only to find small bluefish and no bass. Drifted the clam boats, NG. Ran down the beach and chummed, NG.
Headed for the rocks and went over a huge pile of fish, came back and anchored up, started chumming heavy..noticed what we stopped on were the Drum laying on the bottom.
Off the Starboard side they had come up, hundreds of them! Pulled the anchor and started drifting. Popped off 15 Bass and Drum on the first shot, landing several other nice Bass. Got a couple drifts out of it before they totally dissapeared!!!
Stroked it the rest of the day, even after the change of tide!!
Chartered Saturday AM. Fluke fishing Fathers Day AM trip..

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