Saturday, October 19, 2019
Had a handful of faithful who showed up today hoping to get that last shot at the Stripers. We didn't end it with a doughnut and managed some keepers and action on Blues, Fluke, Sea Bass and Tog.

The guys who I thought would catch, didn't (Tom, Rich, Kirt, Billy) no last names!

My cigar pal "Charles" landed a nice keeper, lost a beauty when he couldn't stop it and the hook pulled.
Pretty funny story.... Charles hands me his Rod, say's, show me something Capt. (knowing conditions suck) with the current running to the bow and all odds against me, I take his rod, cast it out, after 5 minutes Charles starts talking SH**! In the same breath as I'm taking it, he says, "Now you know how I feel when your up top doing that Sh** to me!!! LOL
That made my day and the end of the Spring Striper season, 2013!! Some great catches, Happy customers and the Big fish Pool winner Chris Zotti with his 23.6 pounder. Congratulation's Chris.....unfortunately, the Gov has claimed all the money in taxes, but you still get the glory.............!!
Capt. Dan will continue to fish for Striped Bass on the evening trips. The bite should pick back up as the fish start to leave the back bays and rivers after the spawn. Porgie fishing will be added to the night schedule as of July 1st when that season open's up.

Fluke fishing everyday, after the nasty weather the next two days get's outta here.
Capt. Ron

"I Fish, I Vote, I Marched"

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