Monday, October 14, 2019

I've noticed over the years how many rods the fluke fishermen bring to the boats in the am, seems the average is 3-4, yet most of the rods are all light tackle set ups for Buck tailing or light sinker bait fishing.

Many times I've posted about bringing a medium to heavy action stick, Just in case we fish Ambrose or deeper water in the current. Many know there are day's when you need 8 to 10 oz of lead just to stay close to the bottom.

There have been days when the option of fishing in the current or the deep was off the table, knowing most of the equipment couldn't handle it.
When the fishing get's tough, I would hate to be limited to where I could bring my customers to put a catch together.
So like they taught me in the Boy scouts "Always be Prepared" you never know day to day what's going to happen.

Fluke fishing starting tomorrow 7:30am.
Capt. Dan will still be Striper fishing in the evenings.

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