Saturday, November 16, 2019

Better fishing today than yesterday. Got to keep way more fish and the short action was better by a long shot.

Fished the ocean in the AM until the current got too fast. Made a couple drifts in on the Beach then headed back into the bay. Fished some mussel beds the rest of the day picking away on each drift.

Bill would have had his limit had he not lost it at the boat!!! Lynn finally got his pool fish after 20 years with a nice 5 pound fish. His second also went 4 pounds. June came through at the end of the day with 3 quick keepers in the box.

Hopefully after this "SUPER MOON" things will get back to normal with the tides and current.....

July 1st Capt. Dan will be adding Porgies to the Night schedule in addition to anything else that wants to bite on his trips. Should be a fun summer with the attitude "were going fishing" to catch fish, any kind of fish!!


Capt. Ron

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