Monday, October 14, 2019

There's no way I can describe this years Fluke fishing so far.....I can word my reports to make it look like the bite is on and everyone is happy, that is BS!!  Some guys do catch fish and everyday we have a select few who catch a limit or 3 or 4 fish after busting ass and working hard all day. Bait certainly has been producing better than the jigging, but to get those guys to change their style, isn't going to happen! The bigger fish have been caught jigging....Quality, not Quantity if that's what your after.

We've fished the Bay, the Beach, Flats, Mussels, Rocks, name it, to only come back each day with the same five gallon bucket of racks as everyone else! Some nicer fish the past couple of days and the pool fish usually makes 4 to 5 pounds. Action on the shorts, and they have been shorts...hard to Squeeze the tail on them!!

Several area's that we will find fish today, we go back with the same conditions the next day and they don't bite. Tried the channels today on some drops that have always produced fish at slack into the change to only catch a handful of shorts and a couple keepers.

Still a long season ahead of us and I wake up each morning with that kick ass attitude, so be ready when things get right cause were taking no prisoners!!

Capt. Dan didn't make it out last night with the "Severe Weather Reports"  More BS!! As we only had a shower after 9 pm. The Bass fishing has been holding up and from the amount of Bunker I saw in the Bay and the ocean today, I'm sure that bite will hold up for him. Porgie fishing will be added to the night fishing schedule as of Monday, great eats, great action and a whole lot of fun to add to the mix.


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