Monday, October 21, 2019

Tough too say but the bite is coming down to a shot of fish here and a shot of fish there. Went back to where we picked away all day yesterday in the worst conditions, only to catch a couple shorts.
Getting flipped off by a supposed PRO in the business had to be the worst show of professionalism I have ever seen, for no other reason that we were fishing on Their side??? This is America, I'll fish wherever I can (as long as I pay).
After 32 years of running boats, coming of age with some of the best mentors around and respecting everyone who does this for a living, One A-Hole took me too another level today for no reason at all...... Enough of that crap!

Tried several area's with good incoming, the clam boats, rough bottom, NG. Finally ran down our beach, got lucky and found the Drum on top. Only for a short while, just enough to catch a couple nice big drum, a handful of keeper bass, then all life disappeared. Tried the rock bottom back to the North to finish the day out but NG. Chartered Saturday AM. 3:30pm till 9:30pm Saturday and Sunday for Bass. Fluke fishing on Sunday, Fathers day.
Will see what Monday brings???? Capt.Ron

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