Thursday, January 23, 2020

So much nicer to fish when the wind isn't honking against the tide as today was one of the top ten!
Found some beauties once again today in several area's that we fished. Artie and his son fishing in the bow, landed several fish up to 7.3 pounds, Iris had 4 up to 6 pounds in the cooler, a young man fishing in the stern had 4 great fish including his second place 7 pounder (just loosing to Artie) by 3 ounces!!

John Froelich and Ben both had fish in the 4 to 5 pound range. Not many shorts as most fish were keepers. Bait did better than the jigs today....with the exception of Iris who was on fire with her Pink set up!

Great day on the water for all of us for a change!
Back at it tomorrow.....Big pool leader at 10.2 pounds, looking for that 2nd 11 in the AM, come on down.

Capt. Ron

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