Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Had the Monday gang out today for their last shot at the bass.
First drop we landed a nice keeper and a short, had a few more bites then that was it.
Made a couple more drops, ran down the beach looking for some life and found plenty of bunker with nothing in them.
Switched up to fluke fishing for a while waiting for the change of tide. Only caught a keeper a few shorts and some sea bass. Without a drift it was pretty tough.
Ran back up to the North and the current (on the video it looks like we are trolling!!) Started to pick with a couple shots of 2 to 3 on. Shorts and keepers.

Capt.Ron Sr. gave his usual fishing seminar landing 3 and handing one off to a late Fathers day customer. Made the mans day catching his first keeper bass!

Anchor Joe had the pool fish and despite threatening to take out Vintastic on the big pool, it just didn't measure up...3 more days to sweat Vin!
At 3:30 the ocean came alive with bunker and bass busting, I'm sure the night guys will have a blast. Half a rabbit outta the hat is certainly better than none.
Thursday will be the last AM striper trip, afternoons will continue Friday, Saturday and Sunday for now as the night bite seems to be taking hold.
Chartered Friday and Saturday morning...Fluke fishing daily from Sunday on.

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