Monday, October 21, 2019
Yes, it's Saturdays fishing report, close your eyes and imagine what it is, especially after the reports and video from the past week. Have the answer yet?

Today was the shit's to say the least........
Loads of bait every-where we went, read plenty of fish on the bottom, some of which were Sharks, Blues and Bass but after seeing how full the bellies of the bass were yesterday, you had to know today would be tough!!
The trollers caught them as I witnessed in several area's, so for us, it was rough.
Had some new customers on-board from all parts of the State and then some including, Cape May and Delaware, which killed me cause I know they traveled a distance to get here.....Sorry Guys but no Rabbits out of the hat today!
Good thing I gave up the Scotch or tonight would have been a 4 banger!!!
Back at it tomorrow! Capt. Ron

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