Saturday, October 19, 2019

Great group of customers on the boat this morning, some I haven't seen in a while, some who fish every week. Tried to fish were we have been catching the past couple of days, only to find a hand-full of fish, and too many sharks, even after the change of tide.
Went back into search mode for the 20th time this season and glad we did.
Took a while to find them but when the current got right, the bite was on!
3 Drifts made the day with some Quality fish coming aboard.
Alan started it off with a 7.1 pound Fluke, Jimmy followed with the same weight fish 7.1 then Charles (who leads our big pool) with an 8.3 lands another 7.1 for a three way Tye for the daily pool. Several other fish that made 4 to 6 pounds while the bite lasted along with a bunch of shorts going back.
Patience, Perseverance and a whole lotta luck paid off for a change today!

CHARTERED: TUESDAY and FRIDAY MORNING this week. See you on Wednesday.

Capt. Ron

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