Wednesday, October 23, 2019
All I can say is "What a Day"!! We know have a new Big Pool Leader...Tom (Hammer) Krako took over the lead from Charles today with a beautiful 8.6 pounder, topping the leader by three ounces. Tom landed his second fish at 8 pounds and third fish at 7.3. Three other 8 plus pound fish today. Couple limits including John Froelich who is a fishing machine! Dave Bachovichin kicked butt with his limit and some nice Sea Bass, Capt. Ron Sr...naturally. Sarah and Dad Jack with 4 beauties, Tom the Vet, Brett, Richie, Lenny and a couple others with 4 in the coolers. Art was the man today with his limit of fish and then some, all over 5 pounds. From Zero to hero in just one trip my friend!! Awesome day to be a Party Boat Captain.....Can't wait to get back out tomorrow!! CHARTERED FRIDAY MORNING. Capt. Ron

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